A Hidden Identity

A Hidden Identity – Islamic Poem

Author: Albana Baftiri

What she chooses to show to the world is so little

But she lets on that it is so much

As her true colors, she is afraid to be judged

She was never afraid before

She grew up in the “hood”

She was tough to the bone

Everyone loved her personality and who she was

She couldn’t give a damn if they didn’t

That was her true self; flaws and all

Here she flourishes in her classes

Her giggle permeates the room

But she’s afraid

Afraid if they found out her hidden identity

What that would do to her family business

She can’t risk it all

That is their livelihood

If she had enough money to support a family of 7

She would showcase all her quirks and idiosyncrasies

And her hidden identity

But she doesn’t and so she can’t

She suppresses an integral part of her

She even feigns another identity, so she can relate to people

Can’t be judged if you’re one and the same

One day they’ll ask her to prove it and that’s when she’ll tell them

Until then, she uses her intelligence to dissuade suspicions and perpetuate the lies

It’s the safest way in an unaccepting world

-A Muslim Girl in Trump Territory

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