Amble through Surahs of Quran – Islamic Poem

Author: Tazeem Fatima

Let’s get apprised with surah of Quran
Al Fatiha, Al Baqarah and Al Imran
Al Fatihah is the opening surah
Guiding us whom and how to pray

Al Baqarah has the story of cow
Longest surah to understand now
Guiding us aright in Quran
Is what we call surah Imran

Al Nisa, Al Maidah and Al Anam
Notifies about the women, food, cattle and farm
Al Araf educates about the knowledge of height
And the border’s height between hell and paradise.

Al Anfal means spoils of war
And surah At Tawbah has repentence for all.
In surah Yunus, Hud and Yusuf is disclosed
that life of prophet was tougher manifold.

Ar-Rad, the thunder is surah thirteen
And comes after this in Quran is surah Ibrahim
Al Hijr Al Nahl and Al Isra
The rock city, the honey bee , the journey of night are told in these surah

Al Kahf , the cave is surah eighteen
And after this, Surah Maryam and surah Taha is seen
Get aquainted with prophets , pilgrimage and believers soon
In surah Anbiya, Al Hajj and Al Mominoon.

Surah An Nur is related to light
And Al-Furqan tells standard of wrong and right.
Surah Ash Shu’ara , An Nami and Al Qasas
Keep us informed about the poets, ants and stories as they pass.

Surah Al Ankabut tells about the Wall’s rider
It has the story of spider
Surah Ar-Rum and surah Luqman
Represents people of Rome and sage of Luqman in Quran

As-Sajdah, Al Ahzab and surah saba
Communicates about worship, clans and people of Sheba
Surah Fatir means the originator
Telling if the world is light, then Allah is illuminator.

Importance of Quran is expressed in surah Yaseen
Ranking is told in As Saffat and thirty eighth surah, the surah sad has been.
Surah Az Zumar and surah Ghafir
Indicates the crowd and show how all forgiving Allah is.

Surah Fussilat, Surah As Shura and Az Zukhuruf
Opens up sajdah in detail, the consultations and gold ornaments loof
Al Dukhan, Al Jathiya and surah Al Ahqaf
Clues in the smoke,the crouching, the sand dunes that fly half.

Surah Muhammad is called Al Qital
With the life of prophet and his aal
Al Fath, Al Hujrat and surah Qaf is sent
To divulge about the victory, the chamber and the day of judgement.

After surah Al Dhariyat, Surah At Tur, Al Najm and Al Qamar fit
To set forth the stoty of winnowing wind, Mount Sinai,the star and the moon in it.
Next comes surah Rehman
Allah is the most merciful ,it tells in Quran.

Surah Al Waqia and surah Al Hadeed
Tells about the inevitable and the iron that we need
Surah Al Mujadilah and surah Al Hashr is compiled
To describe the pleading women and exile

Surah Al Mumtahanah, As Saff, Surah Al Jumuah, Al Munafiqun throws its light
And reflects the examined ones,the ranks ,the congregations and hypocrites .
At Taghabun, Al Talaq, At Tahreem is mentioned
To let us know about the cheating, the divorce and the prohibition

Surah Al Mulk , Al Qalam, ,Al Haqqah, Al Maarij and Surah Nuh
Enumerates the dominion, the pen, the sure reality , the stairways and the works that prophets do.
Al Jinn, Al Muzzammil, Al Mudathir, Al Qiyayamah has predictions
Of the unseen, the enfolded one, the cloaked one and the day of resurrection.

Surah Al Insan, Al Musalat, AN Naba and An Naziat gather
To disclose about the human, the wind sent forh , the announcement and the soul snatcher
In surah Al Abasa, Al Takweer, Al Infitar and Al Mutaffifeen
The folding up , the cleaving, the dealers in fraud are seen.

In surah Al Inshiqaq, Al Buroof , Al Tariq we get the sight
Of the sundering , the constellation, the morning star and the night
Surah Al Ala, Al Fajr, Al Badad and Al Shams
Speaks about the most high , the Dawn and the sun.

With surah Al Lail, Ad Duha, Al Inshirah starts
Discussion about the night, the morning bright and the opening of heart
From surah At Teen, Al Azaq, Al Bayyinah, Az-Zalzala the fact we take
Are about the fig, the clot of blood , the evidence of truth and the earthquake.

The tract of Al Adiyat, Al Quraish, At Takathur and surah Al Asra that we climb
Alludes us about the war horse, the great calamity, the greed for more and the flight of time
Surah Al Humazah, Al Feel, Al Quraish, Al Maa’oon has the sentences
Pointing at gossip mongers, the elehant, the life of Quraish and the neighbouring assistance.

Surah Al Kawthar, Al Kafroun and An Nasr, takes us to port
And embellishes about the good in abundance, the disbelievers and the divine support
Now comes surah Al Masad, Al Ikhlas, surah Al Falaq and surah Nas
Highlighting about plaited rope, the purity of faith, the rising dawn and surah of mankind at last.

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