The Four [Quls] Surah Meditations

The Four [Quls] Surah Meditations

Author: Samina Farooq


O disbelievers! Listen, oh you!
I don’t worship what you do

Nor are you worshipers of what I worship
Since you will never, why should I flip?

So for you is your religion, for me is mine
Between you and me, there’s a fine line


He is Allah, He is one
every other god we are to shun

He is self-sufficient, free of need
We are dependent, to Him we plead

He neither begets nor is born
He never sleeps nor feels worn

Nor is there to Him any equivalent
Neither idols nor the prophets He sent


I seek refuge of the Lord of daybreak
When through the night, light outbreaks

From the evil of what is created by Him
I seek refuge from everything grim

From evil of darkness when it settles
hiding the evil as it battles

From evil of blowers in knots
Black magic of all evil plots

From evil of an envier when he envies
From blame, calumny, backbite, and tease


I seek refuge in the lord of mankind
their master and God— only One of His kind

From evil of the retreating whispering one
into their chests the whisper’s done

They may be from humans or jinns
No matter the form, don’t let them win


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