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Islamic Calendar / Prayers Gadget for Windows 7/8/Vista, Android, iOS and Windows Phone

Author: Bava

PrayersGadget displays Islamic prayer times, Qibla direction, Hijri calendar, and special Islamic events. Azan sound is played at each prayer time along with a customizable reminder before and after Azan. It is designed for: PCs with Microsoft Windows, Android Phones and Tablets, iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and Windows Phones.

Prayers Gadget has an offline database of 2,000+ cities worldwide, from which you can select your location. In addition, the Gadget can automatically detect the user’s location (using the user IP address for Microsoft Windows and GPS data for Phones/Tablets).

The prayer time calculator is highly configurable allowing for multiple calculation methods, along with the possibility of fine tuning individual prayer times. A unique feature of this Gadget, compared to other similar software applications, is that it can also accept a prepared prayer timetable from a CSV file. This means you can set the prayer times to exactly match those of your local mosque or Islamic center.

In addition, the prayer times are displayed in different views to suite everyone’s taste: the abbreviated docked mode, the more extensive undocked mode (analog versus digital clocks) and the 5 Day view. The calendar can be switched between Hijri and Gregorian modes. The Phone/Tablet version of Prayers Gadget was designed in a way so you can either use it as a regular App, or you can put your Phone or Tablet on a stand in your home/office/local mosque to display prayer times and play Azan.

You can tweak the Gadget settings from the Options tab (in Microsoft Windows) or going to the Settings page (in the phone App).

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