Unity of Muslims

Unite – Eye Opening Islamic Poem on Unity of Muslims

Author: M. Zara Malik

I am saddened and in dismay
That our ummah is left this way,
We are so divided and secular
When the truth is so evident, clear

We are all Muslims, indeed Allah said
‘Do not become divided’; why is this widespread?
We’re so focused on differences, we
Cannot see beyond Shia and Sunni

If you choose to celebrate milad, fine
This is no reason to draw up a line
You are this. I am that; wrong and right
Give up this hatred, let go of spite

Look back at the very start
Where no great difference set apart
Cane and Abel, two brothers and yet
One killed the other; regret, regret

And we, we are all one ummah so
Let go of these differences, let go
If your brother does something you would not
Don’t turn your back, or loosen the knot

Allah has said do not become divided, so
I am asking you to hold together; woe
Woe to those who call one another names
Point, judge and shout out blames

Imagine our religion like a house, tall
We ourselves are tearing down each wall
Each brick we label and throw it away
It will just fall apart one day

Take a minute and just think
Really let this message sink
In; we should often recite and say
Blessings upon Muhammad (ﷺ), each day

The second line sends blessings too
Upon Muhammad (ﷺ) family, who
Who are remembered by some, not all
Yet it is their name which you call

Why then are the ummah not aware
Of the Prophet’s (ﷺ) family, don’t we care?
Learn of their history and their lives too
Wake up, refresh your knowledge anew

Learn of the Ahlul-Bayt, don’t turn away
They are for all of our ummah; I pray
That belief in them is held by us all
I pray we build up each crumbling wall

I pray our faith, our deen is set first
Instead of a lust for hatred, a thirst
Let it be quenched with brotherhood
Save us from drowning in this hateful flood

There has never been a prophet who
Has encouraged divisions, you too
Should follow this way and hold tight
To your brothers in faith. End this fight.


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