Merciful Servant Project – Share the Reward by Donating towards Dawah

Author: Farhat

Merciful Servant is one of the best Islamic Youtube channels giving Dawah through inspiring, informative and motivating videos. The Merciful Servant team have come up with some new Dawah projects and they need help from us!

From their website:

The Merciful Servant aims to fulfil the vision of the Prophet Muhammad (saw) that Islam will enter every home. We have achieved a lot in the past year, with hundreds of people guided to Islam through our various activities.

We have a number of initiatives currently in place to make us reach our goals. However for The Merciful Servant to continue its programmes it needs your support. YOU can help bring the light of Islam into someone’s life. Supporting the dawah is a form of continued charity (sadaqah jariyah) as anyone who embraces Islam and any good deed they do, whether they pray, they fast, read Qur’an, give in charity…you get the same reward!

And if they have children who do the same, you get rewarded…the reward is continuous.

Visit and Donate:

Don’t forget to subscribe to their mailing list too. If you can’t donate now, share this news so that others can donate/share and you get the same reward inshaAllah. 🙂


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