The Earth – Islamic Poem

The Earth – Islamic Poem

Author: Umm Hani Mohammad

Marhaba was your ushering tune,
As I take my first step, you are the best friend to my feet
it complains when it walks you much and yet,
does not go a day without walking you.
I do not surpass you in tours as your vastness is beyond words,
Adieu as I journey through you and,
Hoping no to stumble upon you.
Even Projectiles make their way back to you,
Awe is sometimes the company of your sight.

Bismillah was my first word as you fed my tongue,
Euphoric is the body’s state as it agrees with the sensation,
Blessed are the products of your being.
With the aid of the winds you brush my cheeks,
Homeless was your fragrance as you blew past me,
And Allah made you an essence to my living.
If Allah had given the gift of speech to all things
You would tell the story of the first men
And relate to me the tales of past generations.

Nonetheless you speak words to my heart,
As I tread upon you and you cause me to be mindful of you
As I gaze upon you,
Hope my living in you be pleasing than my stay on you,
You are my living element and you shall become my end.
You are Indispensable…

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