The Treasure Pearl Priceless – Islamic Poems

Author: Ismail Junaid Oluwadamilare

Table of Contents:

  1. Praise be to Allah
  2. My Deen
  3. Towers of strength
  4. Which way I pray
  5. Precious gem


The Lord of the mighty throne
Who is condign to be worshipped alone

The great wind breaker, as a guide
In him we truly confide

He is at the helm of everything
The giant beast, the mighty king

He is sufficient for me
Indeed no God but He

With all our heart we love him
All his commands we obey

We seek HIS guidance
In our work and play

We seek HIS benison
Every time every day

Upon the noblest be HIS Benediction
The greatest key to exaltation

He is trustworthy as a friend
To guide us he descend

Allah’s blessing upon his wives and companions
His followers, the entire believers till the day of qiyammah


Somewhere in my heart wanders around
Like the cloud where the whim of winds direct it to.

Somewhere in my heart
Feels solitude to that of the cloud
For it has no companions in the sky

Somewhere in my hearts feels out cast
For it peers serves the religion of abracadabra.

Wagging sets of tongues against my Deen
An alien, An intruder in the foreign world

An alien from the lord so divine
Beckons on peace
As it name implies peace

Teaches patience and perseverance
Helps to control and preserve morality
Pleasing the almighty the greatest duty

Mission of the aliens so divine
Avoiding show off and hypocrisy
Diffusing holiness peace and cleanliness
To God be the glory

Happy I feel when I pray five times daily
For Islam my deen
The religion I have been

Pray as you go to the ne,er ne’er land
Ah! No struggles in this.

In my religion fasting a way of discipline
Faith a cure medicine

A way to pay respect and homage
Which I want to take advantage
Is to go to mecca to pay pilgrimage.


O ye! Hold unto the invisible towers
With gallant heart to stand firm
On the path that besets thorns
Piercing through your beautiful thongs

Whenever severe phases shoot down your world
Like thunders strike down the sky
Hold unto the tower of faith (IMAAN)
For every cloud has silver linen

When thy terrain seems shaky
Turn to the lord in prayers (SALAAT)

When thee have enough in hands
Turn to the lesser, stretch thy hands (ZAKAAT)

Why not receive the showering blessings
Of worms molesting your stomach
Then turn to fasting (SAWM)

Come to see the little beauty of my religion
Paint the sacred house of Allah
Then perform pilgrimage (HAAJ)


When. I hear the Adhaan
I brace myself for the prayer at hand

From the minaret his voice is loud and clear
Calls the believers from far and near

Perform the wuduu
Set to enter the house of the waduud

After the Iqaamah
Silently to the lord I murmur
The intention to my prayer

Unto my two ears I raise my hands
Facing the Lord I stand
Peaceful temperament my stance

My forelock and eyes set goals
To where I shall forever rest
And I chant beautiful verses

I bow to rabbi and chant some verses
Unto His glory, Again I raise
To falling on my Face twice
Reciting beautiful verses to seeking His forgiveness

This way I go twice, when it dawn
On the second position I rest on my knees to end
The prayer with peaceful greeting

When the sun rises,
The former way I go four times
Relaxing on the second position
Off I go for the remaining two

Eventide, I go the same way four times
Just as when the sun rises

And when the sun sets I go three times
Relaxing on the second position
Off I go for the last one

When darkness governs the day
And the thin slice objects shines
I go four times.



The light of high degree
that shine beyond the sun
was not found in the moon, sun and stars
not found in angels or divine bodies
not found in rivers or oceans
not found in heavenly or earthly object
not found in emeralds, sapphires or rubies
but bestowed in a perfect man
the seal to all prophet *(S. A. W.)*


After years of blood sacrifice
After years of no prophets
After years of darkness government
A divine man came to the world
From God to man unveiled
Word of God he preached
Into the right path he swayed man
against evil he warned

He illuminated hearts like light. and shone in them so bright
like candles set aglow

He taught Islam
gave good tidings
gave good news about the heaven

He is Ahmad Muhammad
the beloved, chosen one
with the truth from almighty God


I am inebriate with his profound beauty
I travel into his bright world
He came to souls
For he is cleansed of all imperfections
He is one kind in all creation

My head think of you
My eyes water for you
My nose smell of you
My mouth speak of you
My chest beat for you
My stomach lust for you

For you are the chosen one


The world was painted a gloomy picture
the heart drew in dark color
man existed with great malaises
by their shadow they were mislead

He came into the gloomy world
lightness shun darkness
He visited dark souls with guides For he serve as light
And gave them light to see through the right path

He healed all heart disease
Lighten up their darkness
And cleanse them from ignorance and disbelief


Many have gone astray
Many have lost their ways
Many groped in error maze
Many souls were set ablaze
For they refused to embrace his guiding palms

Many souls were sealed
Ears were dumb folded
Eyes were blind folded
Theirs was a great torment
For they refused to embrace his guiding palms

Many were wolves with sheep clothing
Many with hearts diseases
The Lord mock them
And await them severe pain
For they refused to embrace his guiding palms

Many purchased error of guidance
So the Lord took away their blessings
And their commerce was profitless
they became great losers

So he came to restart the world.
He brought back the unity of God
He came as light for them to see through
He brought them back to the way
With his level of spiritual effectiveness
The deaf could hear
The blind could see. The dumb could speak
The cripple could walk

For the Lord has chosen him as our guidance


Excellent is his name
Beauty in his name
Muhammad Ahmad Ma’muud is his name

Out of all prophets
He came the last to lead them all
For their ranks are like fingers

He came with the last book
The everlasting law
That lives on strong today


And here is the law
To rules lives from dolor

Here is the law, to be used
To save and cover souls from nude

Here is the law to be read
For thy impediments to be cleared

Here is the law, owns and rules today
Rules tomorrow as it did yesterday

Here is the law, contains words of the past
Words of the present reflecting the past

Here is the law, containing words of the future
For both young, adult and mature

The law exists and will exist forever
without a replica no twin never!

Adhere to it message
to Eden’s garden , a passage

with it interesting contents
souls I see keep it arms at length


On the day the sun shall scold us, profusely our sweat turn river,
according to the weight of our trespasses
except the pious ones.

He will come before the Lord,
on our account to plea for mitigation
His intercession will be successful
and the judgment shall be pronounced

On the day,
loud snort and babel will govern and raid the air
the Lord’s wrath is about to descend.
All shall run to every prophets
to plea for mitigation
Feat will rise more from their responses
For they have issues with the Lord

But he will remain the noblest and perfect,
he will lead us to the almighty on our knees,
the intercession will be successful and the judgement will be pronounced


His came on Arab soil
In Arab borne, in Arab hailed
His face shone out to the sky
Welcome the chosen one
The treasure pearl priceless
The Savior to the world has arrived
Fullness of God’s grace and truth
In him,
eternal blessings shone
Throughout his words flew divine spirit
To heal & sweeten nature’s life
He came he saw and victory was his
And his light shun the dark world


Praise unto the fountain head of every grace
Praise unto the superiority without acknowledging HIS grace
Praise unto the most idolized face
praise unto the solution to severe phase

Praise unto the key to all exaltation
Praise unto the treasure to every comprehension
Praise unto the man cleanse of imperfection
Praise until the ray of sun

Praise unto HE who seated on the throne of holiness and glory
Praise unto the perfect man
Praise unto the man with full blessings
Praise unto the last of all prophets
Praise unto the seal of all prophets
Praise unto the leader of all righteousness
Praise unto the immaculate one
Praise unto the highest man of God
Praise unto the most pure natured man


Mercy of God upon the messenger of Allah
The beloved the chosen one
The trust worthy the honest
The kind, the model of conduct
Compassion to the world, the witness
The Warner, the bearer of good
The reminder, the one who calls unto God
The light, the light giving lamp
The divine favor, the universal prophet
The enwrapped the shrouded
the remover of disbelief the strengthen one
The one made invulnerable The invincible
The saint the purest man
the first to be resurrected on the day of recompense. the one whose intercession will be successful
The sun. The moon. The stars. The cypress. The doctor the author
The pearl the nightingale

Everyday blessings upon him as long as man recites the Quran

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