Islamic InfoGraphics Collection

Download Islamic InfoGraphics Collection

Author: Farhat

Downloadable creative and informative Islamic info-graphics collection to share.
Some topics include:

  • 8 Tips to be a Financially Sound Productive Muslim
  • Virtues of Saying Bismillah
  • 5 Pillars in Islam
  • 5 Ways to Control Your Tongue
  • 6 Good Deeds to Paradise
  • 6 Steps To Get You Closer to Allah
  • How to Develop Khusho in Salah
  • How to Wake up for Fajr
  • The 10 Commandments and Islam
  • 10 Tips to a Productive Eid
  • 7 Spiritual Habits To Develop in Ramadan
  • 8 EASY Steps to Finish the Quran in Ramadan
  • and more topics!!

Browse/Download Islamic InfoGraphics:

Download Link: OneDrive

(click the above link to open Microsoft OneDrive, right-click on a file or entire folder and choose Download.)

May Allah abundantly reward the the guys who took great effort to create these Islamic InfoGraphics ! And me for sharing this. 😉


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