Ramadan the King of Islamic Month

Ramadan the King of Islamic Month

Author: Shah Liyakat

Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) said: ‘Whoever fasts Ramadan out of faith and in the hope of reward, he will be forgiven his previous sins.’ (Sunan an-Nasai)

With the sighting of the moon in the sky along with the twinkling of stars would mark the beginning of the Holy month of Ramadan and every Muslim around the globe would be thankful to the Almighty God Allah for giving us a chance to be a part of this jubilation.

The sight of the moon marks the end of the month of Sha’baan and starting of the Ramadan. The month has special benefits, rewards, honor and blessings of God because every good deeds done in this month results in double benefits than in other Islamic months. The month has special boon for the Muslim because Allah’s blessings and mercy is showered at every second in this month.

Another important feature of this month is to fast which is kept from Dawn to Dusk. A person remains food-less, water-less for whole day and realizes how the poor people manages to live in such situation. Fasting helps him to attain Taqwa, makes him tolerant and he begins to tolerate all things be it food or anything else. Fast is kept and opened at selected time depending upon the time of specific regions. At night there is a special long prayer known as Taraweeh in which the recitation of the entire Holy Quran is done widely. One special night which falls approximately on the last 30 days and at odd number of Ramadan is known as Lailat-ul-Qadr (Night of Power / Night of Decree). It is said that it is much better than thousand nights anyone who get it is said to be lucky icon and he clears his sins and bad deeds done in his or her life. An important feature of Ramadan is Zakat. Every wealthy Muslim must give 2.5% of his share to the poor and needy people from his left over money or treasure; The needy people may be his relatives, servants, neighbors members of society or any other Muslim. The holy month is commenced by the sighting of the moon which marks the end of Ramadan and celebration of Eid next day.

People gives Fitr, alums, money in the form of charity to the poor and needy people.Every Dua or prayer done in the month of Ramadan is absolutely fulfilled by the Almighty God. There are many Angels in the sky who just move and ask to find out if there any person who needs anything or want to fulfill his or her desires.

We thank Allah The Almighty for giving us the opportunity to be the part of this holy month and pray to Him to safeguard the integrity and unity of our nation, and to make our nation more progressive and developed in the international arena. Ameen!


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